SpellShooter v1.0.1 Climbing the Charts!

SpellShooter is live on the App Store and has broken into the top 75 Paid Word Games!  Next up - Top 50!

Version 1.0.1 submitted for review

SpellShooter version 1.0.1 just submitted to Apple and awaiting review... Seems there was a Game Center related bug that caused the crash on first shot... That's now fixed, so for those of you waiting to check out SpellShooter, stay tuned for when the update goes live! For those of you who got it right away, thanks, you're awesome, a fix is on the way! You can still play the game now crash free if you log out of Game Center... Sorry about that, and thanks for the love!

SpellShooter on Social Media

I just set up Twitter and Facebook pages in anticipation of the SpellShooter launch.  Now you can follow @SpellShooter on Twitter and like SpellShooter on Facebook.

One of the next features I will be adding to SpellShooter is social media integration for easy sharing of high scores or achievements with family and friends.

SpellShooter now LIVE on the App Store!

SpellShooter is now available on the App Store for only 99 cents! Go check it out!

SpellShooter Submitted To Apple For Review!

Tonight I submitted SpellShooter to Apple for review!  This is my first game and after three years of law school, learning Objective-C, Cocoa and the Cocos2D framework was a welcome change of pace.  Hopefully everyone enjoys playing it as much as I enjoyed making it!  Stay tuned for more details about the official launch...

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Thursday the 20th.
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